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Living with a dream partner


My relationship began as a friendship. The difference between friendship and romance is, that in friendship you don't have to show just you beautiful and good face, but you can express what you feel and who you are. So, the friendship is more democratic, there is more freedom for both sides. And my friendship helped me to discover also my future husband's weaknesses, which irritated me, but in fact, I was ok with them…

First wedding is of course connected with many romantic imaginations, for example, how will partner change in a good sense, only because he loves me…and if he truly loves me, he has to prove it and therefore he has to know, what is in my head, what I think and what I wish…and he will, from this true love, do it! I soon realized (after some romantic pain of my heart), that this is not true. And thanks to my opinion, that one man is enough for whole life, in order to stay with him my whole life, I had to change my expectations and actions.

I have realized, that what is missing in my romantic opinion, is respect. To expect other human being to do exactly what I want is not respect. It is not even freedom, but slavery. My partner is not my dog. He is free human being and he doesn't have to obey no one, but himself!

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