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Inspirational Stories

Personal change and relationships

There was an older couple who were together for almost 40 years. They were like fire and water. The man was calm and an introvert. His wife was an extrovert, who talked a lot. She was very dominating, wanting to influence and rule every aspect of their life together. She was the one who always decided what needed to be done, what to buy, where to go, what was good or bad. She got angry easily and was only satisfied with her own solutions. The man was quiet, never argued and did what his wife wanted. He was in some ways like a small child, because he didn’t do anything unless his wife told him to. His wife cooked, cleaned the house, did the shopping, and even took care of the car service. And of course, she complained all the time that her husband did nothing.

One day, the wife wasn’t feeling well and she went to the doctor. The diagnosis she received was bad - she had cancer in her throat. She couldn’t speak properly and started having bad headaches. But she had a strong personality, and instead of giving up in despair, she started contemplating about her life.
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