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Different approach to the infidelity

There was a couple, who were together almost 20 years. After certain time, they lost passion and lived in a routine relationship. And, of course, the relationship was not satisfying anymore and lady started an affair with a husband's friend and she left her husband. Husband was shocked, he was betrayed, angry, depressed. He wasn’t able to go through this situation many days, told to his friends the same story, asking the same questions again and again: „Why this happened to me?“ „How could she do this to me, I thought we were happy together!?“ One day, he spoke about his suffering with another man and everything changed. This man, we can call him John, had experienced once the same situation. But at present, he was living with his wife in deep love and harmony! How can be this achieved? How it is possible… Read Moreā€¦
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