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Inspirational Stories

Love Magic and how it works: Searching for the inner happiness

how love magic works
I was in love with a friend. We felt good being together, but from his side, there was nothing more, no activity, no signals. Did he reply to my sms? If yes, I was happy, if no, I was sad. My mood was changing rapidly from top to bottom, depending on what he did or didn't.
In order to get closer to him, I started to be interested in what he likes and makes, so that we have something in common, the things to talk together about. This was the worst thing I could do!!! I watched football, although, I didn't care and wasn't interested. I pretended interest in things he liked. Things, which I did or liked wasn't interesting for him, he just laughed about that. For him, it was foolish.
When I realised that I wouldn't be able to make it alone, I was trying to find some help. I visited one magician. She gave me a love spell and told me, that things will happen in 14 days. I did what she told me...and nothing happened. So, I contacted he again, she gave mi another, „stronger“ ritual and asked me, if I really want that partner, because this ritual was really strong. She assured me, that this time, it had to work and after 14 days, I should contact her and tell her, how was it to be together. Again, nothing happened. I didn't contact her ever again. Read Moreā€¦
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