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There is a nice story about Lord Shiva, his wife Parvati and their vehicle, the bull Nandi. Once, they were travelling on earth, Shivahad taken the form of an old man, and Parvati stayed young. As they were travelling, Shiva said to his wife: ''Parvati, please sit and ride on the bull.'' So she sat on the bull while Shiva walked alongside. The village folk who saw them, bitterly criticised, ''What a selfish woman! She is young and healthy and she rides while the old man has to walk.'' Shiva changed his mind. ''Parvati, it would be wiser that I sit and you walk.'' So Shiva sat on the bull's back. But then, people came with different comments, ''O look at this evil lazy man. He enjoys the ride and his lady has to walk on foot.'' Hearing this both of them climbed the bull. But people they met didn't stop to judge them. ''Look at this nasty couple. Both of them mercilessly use the poor animal.'' Read Moreā€¦
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