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Inspirational Stories

Love Magic and how it works: Searching for the inner happiness

how love magic works
I was in love with a friend. We felt good being together, but from his side, there was nothing more, no activity, no signals. Did he reply to my sms? If yes, I was happy, if no, I was sad. My mood was changing rapidly from top to bottom, depending on what he did or didn't.
In order to get closer to him, I started to be interested in what he likes and makes, so that we have something in common, the things to talk together about. This was the worst thing I could do!!! I watched football, although, I didn't care and wasn't interested. I pretended interest in things he liked. Things, which I did or liked wasn't interesting for him, he just laughed about that. For him, it was foolish.
When I realised that I wouldn't be able to make it alone, I was trying to find some help. I visited one magician. She gave me a love spell and told me, that things will happen in 14 days. I did what she told me...and nothing happened. So, I contacted he again, she gave mi another, „stronger“ ritual and asked me, if I really want that partner, because this ritual was really strong. She assured me, that this time, it had to work and after 14 days, I should contact her and tell her, how was it to be together. Again, nothing happened. I didn't contact her ever again.
After some time, I found the website of White Magic. We started our cooperation. This time, I was asked to meditate and read spiritual books, to work on myself. After some time, Pavol asked me to meet him. So, we met at the bar. I thought, that somehow the love energy will „jump“ from me to him, he will fell in love with me and we start to date and will be happy forever. But things are not so straightforward and easy:-). After the meeting, nothing happened. He wasn't in love with me, so I wrote Pavol. Pavol was laughing, he knew what was my problem.
In order to make things happen, it is needed to work also on things, which are the reason, why is this situation happening. Everything has the deeper reason „why“. And most of the time, we cannot, or, don't want to see it. Love Magic, of course, works also without this, but guess, what happens, when you are thanks to love spell in relationship and you do, day by day things, which caused, that this relationship didn't work before?? Or, that without magic, these things and personality traits wasn't attractive for your dream partner???? Yes, these problems will be there and one day, they will cause, that your partner will leave you again! And if we don't change, we will carry the problems to the next relationships.
So, my experience has shown me, that I wouldn't achieve what I wanted, unless I worked on myself! To work on oneself, I recommend to start everyday meditation and reading of spiritual books. It is necessary to understand, that in order to be happy, you don't need your partner. In fact, you don't need anyone! Happiness is a way of thinking, way of life, a conscious choice!!!
One friend, who was a clairvoyante, told me: „He will desire to be with you within 4 years. But that time, you won't be interested in him anymore…“
I didn't believe her. To wait, for him, it was no problem, because I couldn't imagine to live without him. The prophecy was wrong, for sure...
After some time, he started to be more and more interested in me. He was more active, wanted to kiss me and be with me... But, I was less and less sure about him. And one day, I realised, I don't want him. My friend was right! The reason was, that before, I was so in love, that I didn't want to see certain things, like, that he is not responsible, he drinks a lot and gambles... As I was more aware of myself, my value and what I need and want, I saw clearly, that this wasn't the partner, I was looking for. Suddenly, I knew, why it took so long! He wasn't right partner for me and it was just an illusion in my mind, that he can make me happy. I knew, that because of our differences, our life would not be happy and this cannot work!
That's why we need to start from ourselves, to love ourselves on the first place and not to forget ourselves to please our partner and gain his love this way! This cannot simply work, things work, when we are sincere to ourselves!
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