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Different approach to the infidelity

There was a couple, who were together almost 20 years. After certain time, they lost passion and lived in a routine relationship. And, of course, the relationship was not satisfying anymore and lady started an affair with a husband's friend and she left her husband. Husband was shocked, he was betrayed, angry, depressed. He wasn’t able to go through this situation many days, told to his friends the same story, asking the same questions again and again: „Why this happened to me?“ „How could she do this to me, I thought we were happy together!?“

One day, he spoke about his suffering with another man and everything changed. This man, we can call him John, had experienced once the same situation. But at present, he was living with his wife in deep love and harmony! How can be this achieved? How it is possible, that he is living in such a happiness today, despite the fact, that his wife had an affair??? John explained it in the following way:
„My wife and I were always very close and dear to each other. I loved her very much. But, I was often away, and after several years, our passion fades away. I was too busy with my work and myself to realise it at first. I didn't see the signals that she suffers and experience lack of love from my side. And then, one day, I came home unexpectedly and met there my best friend. I was shocked and left immediately. As I was walking alone in the dark park, first, I was desperate and angry. But then, an idea occurred and enlightened the whole situation. I didn't want to lose my wife. I loved her. And I suddenly knew, that there is just one way, how to rescue my relationship. I came home. My wife was there, crying, expecting a storm. She started to explain everything, how lonely she felt, how sweet my friend behaved, helped her, was there when she needed him and how she couldn't help herself and felt in love. I had to admit, that she was right and I knew that she and also my friend didn't want this to happened, but it was natural, that this would come... I felt, it would be too easy and also childish not to listen and divorce, feel betrayed and angry. But I wanted her in my life, so I asked her, if she still wants to stay with me. I told her I am sorry that this happened to us and I told her, that I love her and want her to stay with me, but if she wants to follow her passion and leave me, I won't stop her. „ You are my wife, but you are not in my possession like a dog or a car. You are free to do what you feel. I just don't want to lose our friendship and relationship.“
My wife was astonished and I could see that this reaction from my side was not expected. She was't certain, if I am serious and doubted, if I still love her. But my words and deeds persuaded her about my intentions. I didn't even mind, when she met my friend several more times, although it was not easy for me. But our closeness prevailed, her passion for him fades away after one month and she was back. And do you know what happened? Her love and affection towards me was bigger than ever before, our relationship deepen and was much more intensive than before. And so it is right now. We went through this situation differently and look, what is the result!“
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