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A second chance for your relationship!

In general, Love Rituals and Love Spells are the most frequently used kind of magic. The reason for the most frequent using of the love magic spells is simple. People want to be happy. And they believe that love of certain person can bring them happiness they are looking for. The emotion of being in love with someone is one of the strongest emotions we can experience. It is so strong, that it affects body and mind. It is intense, sweet and painful at the same time…. and it forces us to follow the call of our hearts. Love Magic can give us the power and confidence to win the heart of the dream partner.
There is no recipe for the “right” or universal magic ritual for attracting of your dream partner. In order to have a strong and successful love spell, many things should be taken into consideration: the reason, why relationship has problems, the environment, where the situation happens, people involved, position of stars and moon, religion of the client, law of analogy. Only positive and good intentions can produce good results!!!

The border between “white” and “black” magic is tiny and depends solely on one's personal motives and intentions. In general, the White Magic wants to achieve more- than the dream partner comes willingly, making his/her free decision and choose us out of love. If personal motive is pure, the drawing of partners together, love spells, love magic and/or reunion of partners can be beautiful task, which opens doors and creates deep love and understanding. People with pure intentions want to make happy also their dream-partner. These people are able to do something for their love, to sacrifice their ego and to change their behaviour towards more harmony and understanding. But there are also many people who just want somebody because of physical attraction. In this case are love spells just a way, how to realise own selfish desires. The egoistic love magic always leads to unhappiness and disillusion. So, explore deep your intentions, because you are fully responsible for your actions and what you give, it will come back to you.

Are you having problems with you love life? Fights? Is harmony fading away? Or did your relationship already ended and you feel empty and desperate? We can help you to fix it! We analyse, if there is a way to harmony or if it is better to let it go and find a better partner.

Successful Love Magic

Instructions what to do?

When you are not able, despite of many attempts, to create harmony with your dream partner, love magic can create new chance. The cause, which restrain your dream partner in coming back to you, is unconscious barriers within you. In the most cases, barriers or blocks are on both sides, because we all carry some limitations inside, some patterns, which sometimes go against us. These barriers come from experiences in our childhood and from our previous relationships.When the problem is solved, a barrier dissolved, relationship has perfect chance to be happy and successful. It has chance to be harmonious and long-term.
Magic removes these barriers and energy can flow again. Love Magic is an art, a mastery of the energy flow. Mage estimates how much spiritual energy should be transferred. The magic and magical rituals shouldn't be too strong but they also shouldn't be too weak. And of course, the client has to try to keep his/her inner and outer well-being balanced. The purpose of love magic is that you become more attractive in the mind of your ex-partner. For drawing partners together, we need full cooperation of the client. Client should focus on following things:
    It is needed to analyse your relationship. Does it have a sense to want this partner back? Are you really really sure, that you want that person? What is the reason you want him/her back? Can you accept his/her weaknesses and respect him/her? Are you able to forgive him/her?
    It is needed to take responsibility. Our power can rise only if we are brave enough to take responsibility for our present situation into our own hands. Ask yourself a question:" For what things in my current life am I responsible? Which actions/non-actions on my side have caused this situation?" If we find our responsibility, we will have also the power to improve things. If we always blame for our circumstances outside world and people around us, we cannot change things and have no real power to influence our lives.
    It is needed to relax yourself, to calm down. It is normal and natural to want our ex back, but if we want it too much, and think “if I don’t get back my partner, I will never be happy again”, then we block things from coming our way. Energy simply cannot flow!
    It is needed to work on yourself, to dissolve inner blocks and barriers, which caused that our partner left. If we don't remove the problem, which caused this situation, we cannot experience something new and better. The situation will simply repeat.
    It is needed to be patient. Partner will return in the right time. If you push things, they cannot develop correctly. If we put some deadlines, like "we have to be together till summer holidays", we create enormous pressure on ourselves and our behaviour is full of fear. And, by the way, who would like to come back to someone desperate, full of fear and nervous?
Read more about Love Magic and Love Spells.

Balanced relationship with the help of Meditation

How can spiritual activities improve our love life?

As we said in the previous article, it is very important to stay relaxed and calm and to work on our own limits and inner barriers. Why? Because unquiet mind and negative thinking patterns are the main sources of our relationship problems!!! Unquiet mind sees everywhere some enemies, it manipulates reality and therefore gives a false image of the reality. If we follow such a mind, we get angry easily, we are nervous, sad, we blame partner from our own problems and unhappiness. And we overlook the truth, that we should be responsible for our life, for our problems and emotions. Sincerely, how long can you live happily with someone, who is constantly blaming you, fighting or showing you, how bad you are? Or wanting to "fix" you?
This kind of behaviour (which is now dominating in our relationships) is not our natural state. That is the reason, why we feel so bad behaving like this. This behaviour and thinking patterns were learned from people around us: our parents, friends, idols. And it can be also unlearned. The tool is meditation.
Here is an example: if a man is very jealous, his mind (unconsciously) is constantly looking for some signs and situations, which prove that his lady is cheating on him. Then, ridiculous situations may happen. He observes that a man in a bank smiles at her and asks, how could he help her…. and his mind immediately evaluates the situation as an offer for dating. Maybe he will be very rude towards this guy or he waits and later blames his lady of flirting with bank employee. For this man, it is reality, and he really believes that she is flirting. This jealousy and constant fear of loosing his lady will finally cause, that this lady leaves him! And the reason, why this happens is unguarded and untrained mind!!!

Meditation means being aware of the present moment, and that means you do not allow your attention to wander. If you are here and now with your partner, listen to him carefully. Create him a space, where s/he feels being loved, understood and accepted. Don't allow your mind to judge the words and make assumptions. Don't allow past experience to interfere. Enjoy what is right now. Then, you can be calm and respond in a proper way. This is meditation. This kind of awareness has to be trained at home. It is like with a physical exercise. If you do it every day, your body will be strong, with a proper shape. If you train your mind every day, it won't betray you and won't control you. Read more about meditation and some basic meditation techniques.

We've already explained, that the love magic has meaning only if harmony and happiness of both partners can be achieved. In some cases it is not possible (find out, what are the signs of unhealthy relationship), and then, it is better to leave the relationship, even when it hurts. In this case, an unhealthy bond is more like a jail and leaving, although it is scary, will bring relief and possibility of better, new relationship. We are able to help also in this case. With our separation magic, can be the separation gentle and recovery faster.

Professional Love Magic

How does the cooperation look like?

  • What happens when you contact us?

    Firstly, we analyse the information you sent us. To analyse means to find out the reasons of your problems and how we can resolve them with the White Magic and Voodoo.

    In order to analyse your case properly, we need your name and birthday, and the name and birthday of your partner. The analysis is more precise, if we have a photo of you and your dream partner. Photos should be in a good quality and eyes should be seen clearly

  • What happens next?

    We send you back an email, in which we briefly inform you about our point of view. If we don't recommend you magic, we will write you also reasons, why. If love magic can help, we arrange with you a non-obligatory phone call during which we discuss our view of the situation and possible solutions with you .

    In our first phone consultation - which is free of charge - we inform you of our price. We do not ask or expect you to say yes or no at the time of the call. Even if you're absolutely sure that you would like to do magic with us, we always ask you to think it through and contact us the next day to confirm your order.

    If you confirm your order, we give you our bank details for the payment. After your payment, our cooperation begins

  • Love Magic with us
    We begin with our white magic and voodoo rituals. We transfer energy to our client. This increases his/her energy level and increases the attraction power, what is important for being more attractive for the dream partner. We speak with our clients once a week to find out how they feel, how the energy is coming through and in which way our rituals are already influencing reality and our agreed target.

    We stay in contact with the client till the agreed target is achieved. Mostly it takes around 3 months. Unfortunately, we cannot agree on any deadlines, as the speed of achieving the goal depends not only on us but also on the will to cooperate of our client, too. We also respect the free will of the dream partner and don't push him/her hard to come back! We just create a space, so that s/he want to try it again.

    Our weekly consultations help us to find out how things are progressing and improving. We start with small rituals and make them slowly stronger so that our client can gradually adapt to this new energy. Our clients follow our instructions: they practice certain meditation techniques, they read recommended books or watch videos on youtube. We recommend, what colour of candles should client use and lit.

    We have fixed costs, so our clients never need to fear additional charges for the same problem. For each new task, which is out of frame of the originally agreed issue, we always agree on new fixed price.
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Love Magic Team

About us

Marion Daghan-Malenky is a Master of the white magic, high priestess of voodoo. She has been doing Magic for more than 30 years. She studied different techniques of Magic and Voodoo throughout the world. Read more about Marion Daghan-Malenky

Pavol Malenky has been studying religions, meditation and yoga for over 20 years. Since 2008, he is doing Magic professionally together with his wife Marion Daghan-Malenky in their company Daghan-Malenky Gmbh. Read more about Pavol Malenky.

You can find us in Germany, Kassel, in our Centre for White Magic. Use our sacred space to find balance, peace, answers and new ideas. Here, the love magic rituals with our clients take place. In our Centre you can experience individual approach and find the best solution during personal consultations, regular meditation seminars as well as lectures on white magic, voodoo, love spells and spirituality.
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Magic is not a profession but the mission. It is a mercy to spread the faith, truth and love. We have been in the service of the Light for many thousand years.
Marion Daghan-Malenky and Pavol Malenky

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Love Magic
We don’t love, because we don’t understand. We don’t understand, because we don’t love.
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