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Mental Life Coaching and White Magic Marion Daghan-Malenky GmbH have used their discretion, best judgement and every reasonable effort in compiling the information and components contained within this website. It may not be held liable, however, for the completeness, correctness, topicality and technical accuracy of any information contained herein. Likewise, Mental Life Coaching and White Magic Marion Daghan- Malenky GmbH may not be held liable for any loss or damage ascribable to computer viruses when users call up or download data from this website.
Mental Life Coaching and White Magic Marion Daghan- Malenky GmbH reserves the right, without the need to give prior notice, to modify or supplement information and components of this website.

We cannot guarantee the success of psychic and / or magical  powers, since this would be illicit. Verbal or written instructions and recommendations from Magicians come from their best experience and knowledge.

The esoteric services contract can only come into effect after payment is agreed upon and received in full. By paying the bill in full the client agrees and recognises all terms and conditions stated herein.

Our counselling services do not substitute medical or psychological services, or psychiatric treatment! Our services are the complement and support to the official medicine sciences.
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If the magic ritual does not bring the desired result, there is no entitlement to money refunds.

We notify that fortune-telling, scrying, life-coaching and  clairvoyance over the phone and e-mail are also services.

Clients can send us the required information and photographs by email, facebook, Skype, Viber or WhatsApp, or by post. The photos sent by post will be used in magical rituals, so, they will not be returned back to the clients.

In order to perform our professional magic, a client has to be at least 24 years old.

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Clicking on certain hyperlinks on the Mental Life Coaching and White Magic website allows you to leave the Mental Life Coaching and White Magic site. The linked site is not under the control or influence of Mental Life Coaching and White Magic and the latter is not responsible for the contents and design of or for any changes made to the linked site. Mental Life Coaching and White Magic therefore shall be liable neither for offsite material contained in linked sites nor for any links contained in a linked site. We act in accordance with : IT-Law for Reservation of Liability.


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We do not use any Analytics Software, that means also no Google Analytics. Why? In order to analyse our websites and make them better, we use Google Search Console, Sistrix and karlsCORE public. This way, we do not have to install to our website certain codes and we don't have to adapt our websites to limiting EU regulations. This has some advantages for us: we do not have to put on the website any Cookies or similar tracking Software and therefore, our websites are faster…. We decide to do so also because during last the three years, Google Analytics has brought us no added value…

Privacy Protection

What do we do with Personal Data you send us

The data required for your free of charge analysis, is kept in the strictest confidence. The data of potential clients, who decide not to be our clients, is deleted. If someone wants to contact us again, s/he has to send the required information again.The data as emails with attachments, SMS, WhatsApp messages are deleted approximately every three months. If someone wishes so, his/her data will be deleted immediately after we send our analysis.
The data of our magic clients is kept for the purpose of communication and used for the magic rituals. A client can choose the means of communication, for example by email, phone, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Zoom, Facebook, Twitter... The data of our clients is kept in the strictest confidence and silence. Transferring data of our clients to Third Parties is not permitted.We contact our clients only for the purpose of scheduling (or re-scheduling) of appointments. If a client wants to know, what kind of information we keep about him/her, s/he can go through his/her own email/Facebook/WhatsApp communication.… We don't keep everything, just, as we wrote above, that data, which we need for basic communication and performing of the rituals. What is necessary, is individual. But data will always be used just for individual counselling, guidance and rituals. The client is also obligated to remain silent about the magic contract. If s/he breaks this rule, we reserve the right to terminate the contract.

The approval of email NewsLetter from us will be managed separately. Being our client doesn't mean that a client will automatically receive our newsletter. S/he has to register for it separately. Or, if we think someone would be interested in receiving of our newsletter, we will write him/her a separate email and offer him/her the possibility of subscription. One can, of course, unsubscribe anytime.
Our NewsLetter is not regular and deals with the following topics:
  • Meditation
  • New books (Movies) about Magic
  • New MP3

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You can ask Pavol Malenky more about data and privacy protection: +49 160 95813493‬. Also, if you find something disturbing on our webpage, please contact the number above...

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Magierin Damona is registered trademark. The registration was made at Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt (see images). By this registration, our Logo and also the Name „Magierin Damona“ protected by copyright law and is owned by Daghan-Malenky GmbH.
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