The right partner

How do I know that s/he is the right partner for me?


Five untraditional steps

how to find the right partner for a happy relationship:

Everybody wants it! The right partner for his/her whole life, the life partner, the wo/man of one’s dreams! Does s/he exist? Yes! But in order to live in happy relationship, you need to get ready. Read some tips here:

    1. Start with yourself. In order to find the right partner, you need to know as precisely as possible what you want from your relationship. It is not enough to want an attractive partner, who will love you and think you are attractive! This is not the right basis for a long term happy relationship. Ask yourself following questions: What do I expect from my partner? To entertain me, to serve me, to behave according to what I think is right? Or to share his/her life with me and support me? How do I achieve his/her respect? And his/her trust? What am I able to offer him/her and what do I want in return? If you know what you want, you will make a good decision.

    2. Continue with yourself. If you cannot find the right partner, it is time to analyze why. The reason is never “I am not pretty enough or attractive enough” or “I am not fortunate...I always meet bad partners ”... Look around you. How is it possible, that people less attractive, less intelligent or with a bad character have partners?

The answer is simple- because they were at the right time at the right place. If you just go to work and back home and again and again, you have no chance to meet somebody. So the question is: do you visit right places? I mean places, where are people with similar interests, way of life or values? If not, you have to start. You can go to a dance course, yoga classes or a gym. Are you too shy? Firstly you can find somebody who will help you change it... You have to change something in your life. Because if you won't , you cannot expect a change!

    3. Find the basis for your relationship. What could be the strength of your relationship? What could be the reason, why you are together? The vision what you want to achieve together? Is it something, that is very valuable for you? Even in the tough times, when you maybe think if you want to stay or not...this basis will help you to stay and build your relationship further.

If you meet somebody, just test him/her, if he/she has the same vision as you... (For example the same values, same ideas, good heart...). I am sorry , but the reason “I love him/her so I would like to be with him/her” is not a good one…

    4. Prepare yourself for good communication. People think, in general, that they know how to communicate with others....why are then among us so many conflicts and quarrels?... Don't make this mistake, too. If you meet somebody who attracts you, you have to know, how to communicate clearly to find out, who this person really is. By playing games and being somebody else, you won't achieve clear picture... The secret of happy relationships is in communication. Happy couples don't argue less than others. Happy couples are more open to express their feelings and to listen to each other. This is the art of empathy. So, to increase your chances for a happy long- term relationship means to educate yourself in the field of communication.

    5. Ask for help “The World” or “Unseen”. This is something beyond ordinary rational thinking. But, somehow, it works. In fact, it was frequently used many centuries ago. You need to relax, make room for your intuition and be prepared to play a little game. Concentrate inside yourself. Listen to your breathing. Ask your question inside of you, for example: “Where should I go to meet my dream partner?”. Then, listen to the radio, what was the first word you have heard? Or do it with a book. Open it and see, which word came first into your eyes? Then, think, what this word could mean and act!
Or, you can try a love magic for attraction of the right partner. There are many love spells, which can help you to attract the right partner. The basic thing is proper concentration on what you want and positive emotions during the spell.

Love is not rude. It does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful

Several observations and signs you have chosen the right partner

    S/he „speaks the same language“ as you. Is it easy to speak with him/her. You feel good enough to speak openly, what you really think, like and want. There is mutual trust in your communication.

    S/he really listens what you are saying. Your views are important and your partner really wants to know, what you think, feel or want. S/he respects you and doesn't want to change things, which are not perfect.

    S/he is trustworthy. Doesn't speak one thing and then do the opposite, doesn't speak about your private things with his/her friends behind your back. And s/he tells you, what s/he really feels, doesn't hide things.

    S/he enjoys many similar things as you do. His/her interests are similar as yours and you really enjoy to do what s/he likes, or s/he is proud of your achievements, skills and qualities.

    S/he wants to spend time with you and you like to spend time with him/her. This in practice means, you can spend lots of time together, creating many precious memories and strengthening your bond not just as lovers, but as friends and human beings.

    S/he understands and accepts your background (family, friends) and has no need to blame you for your behaviour or the environment you have come from.

Are you having problems with you love life? Is there many fights and harmony is fading away? Or did your relationship already ended and you feel empty and desperate? Often, these problems can be fixed. But you need professional help. We can help to repair your relationship! We can analyze, if there is a way to harmony or if it is better to let it go and find better partner. Call us. We are looking forward to helping you.

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